About Us

IMC assistance was created in 2015, located in a strategic manner in Lausanne, (Switzerland). This company was imagined by doctors with a large international experience, for patients around the entire world who are looking for a second medical opinion created.

IMC delivers complete service from beginning to the end, adapted specifically for you:

  1. Second medical opinion
  2. Arrangement of hospitalization
  3. Best quality of medical specialization
  4. Organization of the trip (tickets, hotels, transfers, etc…)
about imc

Why IMC?

The experience of the IMC staff guarantee the excellence of quality in the medical services, and guarantee a feeling of being cared for to all its patients. Our services guarantee each patient:

Reasonable costs of the medical facilities selected.

Political stability of the countries in which patients are hospitalized.

A team of internationally renowned medical staff.

A private organization to represent patients and their interests.

Expertise in thoughtfulness and helpfulness.

High quality and trustworthy medical tourism.

Concierge service for touristic assistance while being treated.

Negotiation of specific rates with the selected hospitals.


IMC offers a luxury private club that prioritizes confidentiality. Members gain access to a second medical opinion two times for free in a year with all the special rates in medical tourism organizations.

Avail for the VIP membership to automatically extend benefits and services to their family members and children.


IMC will propose the 3 countries and 3 hospitals/clinics which can give the best treatment for your condition. The patient can also choose preferred location for his treatment.

There is no, or hardly any waiting time.

IMC assistance is a medical society with a vide network of medical correspondents, clinics and hospitals in the entire world, specifically within Europe.

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After receiving the request from the patient, IMC will review the complete medical file for analysis, and possibly request a telephone interview between the doctor and the patient.

IMC will send you a quote for a consultation or an hospitalization, with a medical assurance proposition. They will guide you through the preparation of the journey with a complete “package”, including the plane tickets, hotel information, help for the visa application, and the transfers in the specific country.


In partnership with P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E. organization created and run by health professionals, specialized in care, emergency practices, risk preventions by training professionals.

IMC offers trainings tailored to your environment and you profession. The trainer can move depending on your demand.

IMC Training and Motivations


The contribution to the maintenance and improvement of knowledge and skills of health professionals.

Consideration and management of inherent risks to professional practices and their prevention.

The final goal is to reply to the objectives of quality and service offered to the population, taking into consideration the progressive evolution of practices.

Global objectives

Contribute to the development of the professional's competences in their practice, and particulary in their daily aquisition of the recommendations and new tools.

General objectives

  • Upgrade expertise and skills of professionals in the management of complex clinical situations.
  • Identify and understand the issues and areas of intervention in development or the emergence in various health fields of practice.
  • Advise healthcare professionals and referents in hygiene and safety, in their communication skills.
  • To contribute to the education and training continously throughout the professional career in the personal career in the personal development.
  • Lead and federate teams of professional.
  • Avoid dispersion of resources.

Module: Emergency

  • Medicalization of sporting events
  • Training certificate gestures and medical care level of emergency care 1
  • Training certificate gestures and medical care level of emergency care 2
  • Civic prevention and emergency Level 1
  • Welcome and Orientation at emergency
  • Emergencies in the dental office
IMC Training Emergency

Module: Pediatrics-Neonatology

  • Pediatrics-Baby Care
  • Perinatal-Neonatal
IMC Training Pediatrics-Neonatology

Concerned Public

  • Doctors
  • Emergency Anesthetist Nurse
  • Nurses
  • Rescuers
  • Ambulance

Pedagogical Methods

  • Active Pedagogy
  • Feedback Experience
  • Videos - Diorama
  • Lectures with theoretical simulation exercise


  • Experienced Doctors
  • Medical Doctor of Emergency
  • Medical director manager of big medical event


  • Training Certificate


  • Acquisition of medical and logistical knowledge to ensure implementation of the medical means depending on the type of event to medicalization, location and local means.

Training Content

Sport events:

  • Aspects to consider depending on the type of sport, the place of the competition and the reputation of the competition
  • Requires equipment
  • Selection of the staff

Examples (videos-photos)

  • Rally Dakar
  • Tour de France
  • Others

Examples (videos-photos)

  • Others Events

Contact IMC

IMC Assistance / Drys Fiduciaire Rue de la Mercerie , 12 CH-1003 Lausanne, Switzerland
+4121 343 44 72
+41 21 560 55 00