hospitalization advise

IMC advices the following aspects for the organization of your medical journey:

  • 1 Proposition of selected medical facilities specialized in the illness (three)
  • 2 Advises you to come together with another person (family member for example)
  • 3 Organizes a comfortable journey after the surgery
  • 4 Will inform you on the medical documents that will need to be brought
  • 5 Proposes a repatriation insurance (in case of unexpected medical problems)
hospitalization communicate

IMC will communicate all the necessary information in the most complete manner possible:

  • The quote of your surgery and/or treatments
  • Who will be picking you up at the airport
  • Your priviledged contact person at the hospital or clinic
  • The necessary number of sessions with your doctor
  • How much hospitalization time is expected to be
  • How to travel from the hotel to the hospital for the person accompanying you
  • How much time the recovery will take

In certain cases, the doctor will recommend an extension of your hospitalization beyond your original stay.

This could be caused by a medical complication or simply a slower recovery than expected.

In other circumstances, the surgeon / doctor may ask you to stay in a hotel within the area of the hospital where the surgical intervention took place in order to monitor the recovery before returning back home.

In both cases, there will be additional charges, especially if the patient is not covered by their insurance.